April 16, 2024

Why Are We Provoking Russia?

It seems that we are living through perilous times, times I fear may only get worse leading up to the November 2024 election. It’s no secret to anyone in the world that America is currently not being led by the man who holds the office of the President of the United States– though we are being told that it is.

When Reagan was in his latter years, he battled dimensia and proved so as he neared the end of his life. Edith Wilson ran the government secretly for her husband. And so it is with current President Biden– someone is choreographing his statements and movements, and it has led to the US President being mocked for being old, frail and forgetful around the world.

So, if you were a world leader that saw that whomever the next President is, it wouldn’t be the current one, would you take advantage of the situation? Certainly. The question is, why would we want to provoke that– other than to put us into a situation where maybe we could suspend our elections like they did in Ukraine.

Yes, if you were desperate enough to hang onto power that you’d thought you’d lose– that maybe you haven’t gone far enough in remaking the country that you’d want to have one last chance to make sure that you could be in charge for four more years– maybe you’d do something as foolish as provoke someone like Russia.

Or maybe you’re just trying to let loose the economy to fight people, raise money for weapons, and have cover not to continue along your current path.

Or maybe something in between.

Regardless, the path that we are on is not a good one, and we have been warned.

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