April 24, 2024

We Know Who Controls All Things

On this Earth we are not promised justice. Good often fails and bad sometimes triumphs. Those on the left believe that they have to have justice now, which is why they are constantly seeking retribution on their enemies and seeking for Communist solutions for equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity.

This is never going to happen on this side of the grave. A sin-cursed world has evil and sin in it, and as long as the Lord tarries there will be times that evil will seem to prosper, no matter how much we would will that it would not.

Think of how it had to be for the faithful prophets during the time of Ahab, king of Israel. No doubt they prayed for God’s justice on Ahab and an end to the worship of the idols setup by Jereboam, and yet they did not see a revival. They saw Elijah defeat the prophets of Baal, but that did not stop the evil of Ahab and his wife, Jezebel, but saw the end of their kingdom in defeat by the Assyrians.

We do not yet know the end of the United States of America. Whether it will be a national divorce that sees separate nations or regions of the nation as a whole governing itself, a hot war, invasion, or some other end. What we do know is that righteous justice will come to all nations and peoples, sooner or later.

Here’s how Dan Phillips put it on Twitter:

This is a day for mourning.

Through a combination of voter and official corruption, today we replace a friend to the unborn, to religious liberty, and to Israel with those who are the enemies of all three. Open contempt for God is and will be shown, from the leaders and people of a nation that has particularly partaken of God’s grace, longsuffering, mercy, and kindness. As has happened with nations previously, the open and free proclamation of God’s Word has given away to godless license and shameless abominations, leading to the increasing suppression of the proclamation and practice of God’s Word. Our fellow-citizens have failed, our officials have failed, and worse, our erstwhile religious leaders have failed. Many who commanded the respect of God’s people showed complicity with the world at a time when their clear voice could have done much good.

So yes, it is a day of mourning. A day to humble ourselves, confess our sin, seek God’s face. A day to plead for Him to send purging and revival. A day to rededicate ourselves to Him and His unalloyed truth and His powerful Gospel — with all its power and all its edges. Pray for our “leaders” to repent, to renounce their friendship with the world, for them to rediscover and reaffirm the sufficiency of Word and Gospel and the centrality of Christ… …and really to mean it this time.

God grant that this shameful day gives birth to a great awakening and a mighty revival, born of renouncing the friendship of the world and trust in the arm of flesh and the methods of man, and turning wholly to the fear of the Lord. Above all: Preach the word, for the time is coming. Fulfill your ministry (2 Timothy 4:1-5).

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