April 24, 2024

Do Schools Do a Better Job With Your Kids?

An interesting discussion showed up at a recent post on Ann Althouse‘s blog. Singapore decided that it wouldn’t close its schools because the schools were a good place for teachers to make sure that the kids didn’t have a temperature and would allow both parents to continue working. They figured that schools were superior than leaving children in the care of their parents.

Many echo this sentiment, because this is the society that we now live in; however, the comment section is what I found interesting:

Yep, you hit the nail on the head. The primary purpose of public school is to warehouse children so the parents can go work. Can’t let a minor inconveniences like child rearing get in the way of career ambition

J. Farmer

“And also schools are childcare facilities, and if they shut down, vast numbers of adults won’t be able to go to work, and that will have a terrible effect not just on the economy but on the provision of health care services.”

Which is to say, that when women decided that they would rather compete with their husbands than stay home with their kids, they not only cut wages in half, they also rendered the economy dependent upon the school system. What can’t feminism do?


But this misses the part that I find most offensive. I mean, we’re already talking about people as if they’re animals with terms like “herd immunity.” Now they add insult to injury to say that parents that are professionals are incapable of making sure their kids get proper care, that they are fed, clothed and have their temperature checked.

Frankly, talking to teachers and people that have worked in daycare, I have yet to find a teacher that cares about every one of their kids like most of the parents that I know. There are bad and abusive parents, that’s true, so maybe I’m projecting my experience with my kids onto everyone, but I believe there are also teachers that do not care of their children just like there are awesome teachers as well.

So, do you think that public school teachers are better to take care of kids through this time, or are the child’s parents the better ones?

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