May 18, 2024

If You Vote For Trump, You’re the Bad Guy

We’re currently living in a country where there are two extremes that are under the impression that they are the true America, representing true American values and that the other side is anti-American or destroying America.

This isn’t something that Trump brought, but it is something that has been exacerbated by him, because he is the first person on the right of that stature to dish back exactly what has been said that has made the right cower and do exactly what the left wants.

No, this has been coming for a while, and the direction that this is headed is one in which we may find ourselves hoping for a peaceful separation rather than an armed conflict.

Both sides believe that they represent the true America, and that they are looking out for those who are in the minority better. One side via jobs, one via a helping hand. One side by freedom of speech, and one side by keeping people from hearing speech.

Each side is doing all they can to stop the other side, regardless of whether they agreed with the policy in time past.

This does not end well.

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