February 21, 2024

Christ Has a Plan For the Future

His Work Will Not End with Today

He is coming again! In the last post we talked about the fact that he left because it going to prepare a place for us so that we can go to be with Him. Therefore, He has to return to get us. This is the blessed hope of His return. This is the city that even Abraham looked for whose builder and maker is God. This is the fulfillment of the promise of eternal salvation with God and a home together with Him!

Because God is just, we also know that He is going to judge the world. Not only is He returning to receive us unto Himself, but He is going to judge the unrighteous. Those that refuse to accept as their Savior will face the consequences of their decision. He will also judge those that are His according to the works done in the flesh. The Bible talks about rewards that will be handed out for faithfully following God. There’s also the idea that some will hear from Him, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Some items done in the flesh will be considered wood, hay and stubble to be burnt, and some gold, silver and precious stones when done for Him. Lots to do!

Being the Alpha and Omega, He will be the Beginning and the End

In Revelation 21:1 we learn that there will be a new Heaven and a New Earth. There will no longer be any sea, nor sun or moon for Christ will be the light of it. He was the light at the beginning of the world and its Creator. He will also be the light of the end of the world. He will have conquered death and sin.

His Plan Includes You

The believer in Christ’s finished work will reign with Christ. We will have glorified bodies, praising Him and living in the place that was set out for us. We will be together with Him and rejoice in His presence.

The unbeliever will be apart from Him, sent out to a place of utter darkness, separated from Him for punishment. This is something that is totally avoidable– simply by choosing to believe what He did and becoming His disciple will guarantee you a place in Heaven with Him, but for many this will not be the option they choose.


Jesus’ ministry was not just during while He lived on the Earth—He was at work before Creation and will be at work at the end of the world. He does not leave us alone, but is at work today bringing all men to Himself and preparing a place for us. We can be confident that our Lord lives!

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