April 12, 2024

Who or What is QAnon?

Anyone that has been around the Internet for a while knows that it is ripe for conspiracy theories. If anything, the fact that anonymous people from all over the world can post things, link things, and use the fact that people are preconditioned to believe certain things to get their point across. We should all be very skeptical of these things, as we should with everything we can’t verify.

Between 2016 and today, a few different anons (all users and 4chan and later 8chan start out as anonymous) appeared to have inside information into things that were happening in and around the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. Some of them claimed to be part of the NYPD or NY FBI branch, claiming to have information that was on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, videos of Hillary Clinton, or worse– confirmation of pizzagate conspiracy that claimed highly powerful people were behind a human trafficking ring centered on pizza parlors, code words, and Satanic rituals. As of this writing, while there has been a number of arrests in human trafficking rings around the United States, there’s no evidence to support pizzagate, but that doesn’t stop people from capitalizing on it.

Mega Anon

In May of 2017, Mega Anon made her appearance. Mega anon, sometimes called Megs and identifying themselves as female, claimed to have insider information on all sorts of things. Sometimes she would share info, sometimes talk about her day. There was much drama surrounding whether she was being followed, tracked and kept off 4chan. She also communicated on Reddit from time to time and a redditor kept an archive of all of the messages on a reddit thread. Keep in mind that her language is often coarse. Near the end (this past January), she became very inconsistent with her postings. She had always been skeptical of Q, and at the end she did a complete reversal and behaved out of character to the point that those chronicling her began to believe she had been compromised and then postings from her ceased.

Q Anon

In the fall of 2017, President Trump had a photo op, during which he did this:

Many say that he made the shape of a Q with his hand. All over Twitter, hashtags like #TheStorm, #CalmBeforeTheStorm, sprung up just as a new anon was making waves on 4Chan– Q. According to most sources, Q stands for the highest level of security clearance available in the US federal government. Q claims to have the inside scoop, and has posted many items to attempt to show that he is legit.

Here are some of the examples of things that people are using to say Q is truly a high placed source:

Q and the NYC BombAnd this is the kind of thing you’ll find throughout your search. Q sometimes comes on a board with text that it appears Trump tweets sometime after. Q will make a cryptic remark, like the one I commented on with his fingers, and people will jump on it. There’s a photo of Trump’s group on Air Force one giving a thumbs up in a pattern, and someone used it to draw a Q. A couple of times Trump has made a gesture like the video above.

The Q stuff at times claims to be prophetic, at times giving out codes, once real time, and always talking about the intel that they have on their opponents. Q wants you to believe that there is a war going on all around, and that by spreading hashtags and getting people to look into Q that you will help win the battle. A recent Comedy Central piece came out mocking QAnon, and even that was supposed to help get people to look into Q.

The Q followers link everything to this movement– from chem trails to pharmaceutical companies withholding cures, it’s there. Sometimes Q backs up the conspiracy, sometimes those around him do. Q has, at times, indicated that Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are helping or they are being tracked or they are in the United States, but when these things don’t prove true, it’s because you didn’t understand the “crumbs” or these words that he leaves.

Something is always just around the corner, and week after week there’s comments that make readers believe that the end of the coup against Trump, or the cabal of bankers and other illuminati, or NWO or someone will come down. If it’s not a big deal in the US, then maybe it is elsewhere.

Many readers believe that there are multiple people that are using the Q name, not just one. Q has teased that people will be amazed when they find out who Q is or who they are. Many have hinted that believe that Q could be Pres. Trump himself.

Q currently has two boards that he frequents on 8 chan– the greatawakening board, which only he can post to, and the research board where people can interact with him. There have been scares where it appears that no one can get on or when Q has gone dark for a prolonged period of time. Even these times are sometimes linked to cryptic statements he has made in the past. Multiple times people have believed that he was done.

And if that weren’t enough, a group of people believe that Q changed sometime in Nov 2017, and these people believe that now Q is a LARP (Live Action Role Play) and not real intel. Which has led to more Twitter authentications and the like.

Is this for real?

Who knows? There is certainly a lot of information there, but I highly doubt that if Q is legit that everything he says should be considered true. I mean, confusion is a tactic in battle, and if the battle is true, having people running around talking about all conspiracy theories would keep enemies off whatever the true target is. If you wish to follow for yourself, check out QAnonPosts or QAnonPub to see the raw postings, and you can check Twitter’s #QAnon to see what the latest surrounding him is.

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