February 21, 2024

Will ObamaCare Ever Be Overturned?

I have no crystal ball, and though many out there have predicted that at one time or another ObamaCare might suffer a fatal blow for one reason or another, the fact is that it is still, by this writing, the law of the land.  There are features of this law that are not going away.  However, that doesn’t mean that there are serious issues with the law– issues that many believe should sink the law.


Part of the selling point of ObamaCare was that it would shrink, or not add to the deficit.  This was to be accomplished because there would be savings for the government by forcing people to be insured that weren’t.  This added money from healthy individuals would offset the money spent by the government, but even Obama’s own Deficit Commission concluded that it would significantly add to, not take away from the deficit.


The problem with this law are multiple.  It becomes more complicated when you realize that no one has the political ability to touch or modify this law because there was not and still is not overwhelming support for it.  More difficult than removing the law or posturing concerning the law is modifying the law as both sides will declare that either it was perfect and needs no modification, that modification is simply to try to remove it, or that it needs to be jettisoned entirely.

It is a particularly awful, entirely political situation to be in.

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