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Saturday Links–08-06-2011


There is no way that I could possibly comment on everything I see in the week, and while I’m trying to use Twitter to pass along articles that I find interesting, sometimes it’s a lot just to bookmark it and move on.

So, what I intend to do is to use Saturday to pass along links from the week that I found interesting, with some brief comments, and that way I can address some of the backlog!

Afghanistan War: Hobbyists’ Toy Truck Saves 6 Soldiers’ Lives

Talk about a great story, a guy sends remote control vehicle to our troops, and it ends up triggering an explosive device.  It didn’t make it through, the but the troops that were following it did!

It’s the debt, not the ceiling

As usual, Vox Day is ahead of the curve stating the obvious.  It wasn’t the ceiling that cause us to go from AAA to AA+, it was the debt.  No one believes that we’ll actually get spending out of control, so we can’t blame the ratings industry.

Does A Candidate Have to Be Pretty to be President?

Chris Christie for President?  Would his weight be a problem?  This is what this post discusses, although I think that in a timer period where everything revolves around what we see, it would be hard to win and be unattractive.

Democrats Counting On Market Price to Scare People Into Supporting Debt Cap Increase

This was written before the cap was lifted, but it’s instructive to see how the game is played.  The Democrats wanted people to panic so as to have leverage against the Republicans.  So they wanted things to be bleak, “something dramatic” so that they could convince people their way.  Let that sink in.

Rick Perry: I’d Support A Constitutional Amendment Against Gay Marriage

Anyone who’s read for any length of time here knows that I oppose Same Sex Marriage.  Is being against this kind of marriage going to be a help or a hindrance to Republican’s in the future?


Author believes that God is like a GPS, constantly pointing out the optimum path for you to serve Him, even if you take the wrong route.

Ron Paul: “Default is Coming”

Congressman, and candidate for President, Ron Paul believes that a default is coming—the question is what kind.  Either a default by inflation or a default by not raising the debt ceiling.  Looks like we’ve chosen the former.

Does the Word “Evangelical” Mean Anything Anymore?

If Evangelical doesn’t mean Bible-believing, what does it mean?  Randy Alcorn explores what Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins, means to Evangelicalism.

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