February 21, 2024

5 Things People Believe Indicate the End of the World

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I’m not sure that a generation has gone by since Christ returned to Heaven that hasn’t believed that Christ return would happen in their lifetime.  My grandparents both believed that they would live to see the Rapture, and yet they both died and did not see it.

However, that doesn’t stop many people from around the world from theorizing whether or not the things that they see happening around them indicate the world’s end is near.

1. Earthquakes in “Diverse Places”

One of these things is the presence of earthquakes around the world.  In Matthew 24:7, Jesus is telling his disciples about the end of the age, and one of the things that He mentions is that there will be earthquakes in various places.  This is interesting because we have accounts (moreso than I can recall growing up) of earthquakes in more places than before.

I mean, I remember talk of earthquakes in California, but we’ve had earthquakes that have caused tsunamis, earthquakes in Haiti and Canada, and that’s just to name a few.

So many will look at these earthquakes as a sign.

2. One World Currency

This is something that’s interesting considering the financial mess in which the world finds itself.  The U.S. Dollar is the reserve currency of the world, but with the debt being tacked on the dollar and the way that it’s inflating, many countries—like China—are beginning to call for a new currency to replace the dollar for the world’s standard.

This is interesting because we know that the book of Revelation speaks of a time where it will be impossible to buy or sell without a specific, identifying mark, and that there will be one currency.

With modern means of electronically sending money, it is now conceivable for a paperless monetary society to be created, even if it’s currently unlikely due to the fact that the different monetary systems help to determine consumer vs. producer nations.

It’s not inconceivable that after a calamity like the Rapture, however, that it would be easier for this to happen.

3. Israel In Conflict

It’s been a dream of many U.S. Presidents for there to be peace between the Israelites and the Palestinians.  Instead, there’s been nothing but escalation.  The beginning of a time period that the Bible refers to as the Tribulation is heralded by a peace treaty that is forged between Israel and its enemies for the span of 7 years.

Of course, this treaty is soon broken by the Anti-Christ himself, but the fact that there is escalating tension means that either the situation will blow up or that someone will stand in the gap.

4. The Fall of America

Most Bible scholars agree that there is no mention of the United States of America in the books of Revelation and Daniel—not even in passing or with a different name/analogy.  One wonders what happened to the current world superpower.

There’s many different theories, but it’s not hard to see where some may believe that the USA may not be around as a contiguous nation much longer.  A Russian professor predicted back in 2008 that the USA would fall apart in 2010, and even though that has not come to pass (yet), it’s certainly conceivable that this country may eventually facture so badly as to create different countries that would be much smaller and less powerful as to not be an overwhelming force on the world’s stage.

5. The Rise of the Anti-Christ

There’s been speculation about this one far back into history.  Many have wondered if Hitler or Stalin could have been the Anti-Christ.  And yet one thing that we know for certain is that the Anti-Christ will be well liked, will be popular, and will try to pass himself off as the real Christ.

Various figures from President Obama to Bill Gates have been called the Anti-Christ, but the true Anti-Christ will have many more followers and will only rule after the Rapture.  I’m not saying that this person could not be alive, or will not have an influential role before he takes power, but I don’t think that speculation will reveal his identity beforehand.


There’s nothing that has to happen for the Rapture to occur.  From there, there’s 7 years of the Tribulation and 1000 year reign of Christ on this Earth before the end of the World.

That being said, I’m not sure that there’s much value in contemplating whether what we see today is a sign of the end, other than to get us to be prepared—witness to those that haven’t heard and to live a Christ-like life.

Don’t let wondering about the end of the world distract you from what you’re supposed to be doing until Christ’s return.

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3 thoughts on “5 Things People Believe Indicate the End of the World

  1. I love the topic here min.

    Earthquakes: You know, I looked into this and apparently the earthquake people say that there haven’t been any more earthquakes than usual this year so far. I think what’s happened here is that the media has sensationalize coverage of all earthquakes around the world after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Popular media has been known to do this in the past.

    One World Currency: In my opinion the one world currency is a long way off. I know that a massive disaster could bring this about nearly instantaneously, but at this time, it looks like more of a slow progression. Probably the last piece of framework here is what the world bankers are trying to put together currently, a one world reserve currency. The idea here is that every country or economic zone (eu) can have it’s own currency, but the standard by which they are all measured is a special, international currency. The one standard will have the perceived effect of stabilizing global economies. However, it will not be backed by gold or silver or any other commodity, and therefore it will be inflationary and eventually there will be another, more devastating economic collapse.

    It could go a bit differently however. If the world bankers are careful, they can probably coddle the new currency long enough that all other currencies in the world would lose their value to the world-reserve currency. This happens because every currency transaction will benefit the world-reserve currency and the world-reserve bank(s) so little by little the currencies of the world will dwindle in importance… and in paper money, importance equals value. At some point the peoples of the world would rise up and demand that the world-reserve currency be used in their homeland as the national currency.

    Israel in Conflict: In order for this treaty to be forced upon Israel, a more centralized world government will have to emerge. One important thing to bear in mind with the Israel peace negotiations, is that much of the world, the secular and the muslim, are calling for Israel to make concessions in the treaties. Our own president, who is clearly for a secular, or possibly atheist, government, has taken some markedly different stances toward Israel than our traditional, Christian-influenced, government administrations have historically.

    In order to view Israel and Palestine as equal in the conflict, one must completely disregard the history of the region. Furthermore, one must completely disregard the Biblical account of the matter.

    I’ll not go further to justify that unless I see some comments down the line. Suffice to say, seek the truth and you will find it.

    The Fall of America: Well, I can’t speak to much of the issues your raised there. However, several states are currently entertaining secession from the federal government, and other states are on the edge of economic collapse which could precipitate mass riots etc. I would say though that the Constitution may be the biggest problem for America in the new political climate, particularly as it pertains to the prophecies of the end. For one thing, the constitution strictly forbids the use of a foreign currency as legal tender in the USA. (Of course, it also strictly forbids any currency other than silver and gold coin, and we see how that went.)

    Secularism is another acid that may eat away at the foundations of the US government. I recently saw an episode of Vanguard (investigative reporting) that mentioned Turkey has a law banning muslim head-scarfs in public buildings. This in the name of ‘religious freedom’. The law was designed to prevent the muslim majority from taking political control and instituting sharia law. Of course, the muslims are now petitioning the government to remove that law (rightly so). On the one hand, I do believe that the law is an important roadblock preventing a muslim take-over of the government in Turkey. On the other hand, it goes against the principles of religious freedom. In my opinion, at the end of the day, a strictly secular government cannot rule a religious majority. Either the people will lose their religion or the government will lose it’s.

    Conclusion: I have more recently found myself of the persuasion that the entire period from Jesus’ death to now is the Biblical “End Time”, not to be confused with the tribulation. I think the point God is making is that Jesus can come at any time and we should always be prepared. Throughout the 2000+ years since Jesus’ resurrection, Christians around the world should be prepared.

  2. All the signs you have mentioned are true…I always watching the sign 3 (conflict of Israel).. It is stirring up very fast..Thanks for the article.. Our Lord is coming soon, let us watch and pray.

    Maran atha!
    Julius recently posted…WHAT WE BELIEVE.My Profile

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