April 16, 2024

So, Who Is Responsible For the Children?

Flower Girl

Where our country and our world is going can easily be seen in what is being taught to our children.  The Roman Catholic’s knew it.  The Marxists knew it.  Plato knew it.  The Pro-Life movement knows it.

What children are taught and who should be doing the teaching is, therefore, a big issue.

What is the Parent’s Role?

There are two dueling schools of thought when it comes to the parent’s role in a child’s life.

First, there’s the concept that the parent is the primary authority in the child’s life.  The parent holds all responsibility and is also given wide latitude on how to raise the child.

Opposed to that is the idea that society—implemented as “the state”—is the primary authority in the life of a child, and the parents serve mainly as one of many guides or teachers.

The School Wants Credit for the Good, not Responsibility for the Bad

When a child does well, whomever is watching them wants to take credit.  However, when something goes wrong, the finger pointing begins.

You will notice that in all the finger-pointing — the students, the teachers, the administrators — not a digit is aimed at the parents. Their children are accused of hounding a classmate to death and the parents apparently knew nothing. Not only that, they are somehow not expected to know anything. The teachers are supposed to know what’s going on. The principal. Maybe even the school nurse. But the parents? No. They’re off the hook. Not as far as I’m concerned. This tendency to blame teachers or administrators for all that happens in the schools is both unfair and unrealistic. 1

The truth is, regardless of whether the school or the state attempts to take away rights of the parents, the parents are still responsible.  God will hold the father personally responsible—but I’d go further and say that the father will also be responsible for shirking his God-given duty to raise his children and giving it to the godless state.

Public Schooling is Woefully Inadequate

I’m not saying this to slight the teachers that are there.  Often their hands are tied as far as discipline goes, they’re given way to complicated a task: trying to educate a group of people that are undisciplined, learn at different paces, with different interests.

This method of schooling is insane, and does not give our children the best.

Furthermore, it’s become only an incubator for meddling by people with agendas with the purpose of shaping the country in the way that they deem fit.

  • Social Studies classes that encourage multiculturalism, pluralism, and the neutering of America’s greatness.
  • Science classes that teach as much history as science, claiming to divine the past through experiments in the present and not teaching logic and the scientific method.
  • Mathematics that erase logic and deduction.
  • English classes with an agenda—whether it’s Farenheit 451 and the ills of censorship, Sarah T and the ills of drinking or any other politically laden text.  There’s only one book a child can’t read in the public school—the Bible.
  • Health Classes that instruct “safe” ways to perform risky behaviors that put children in more danger.

And then we leave off good skills like personal budgeting, building a family life that will last, etc.

Time for a Revolution

The number of homeschooled children is growing, and it needs to continue growing until Americans have a true choice.  It needs to grow to the point that it challenges the status quo.  Our homeschooled children already run rings around their public schooled counterparts.

Parents need to realize their responsibility to their kids and take action.

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  1. HT: Vox Day: The incoherence of the American Liberal []

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