April 13, 2024

Freedom and Accountability


Freedom– it’s what this country was founded on, and is what is also slipping away very quickly.  With every move of this current government we are losing freedom.

The problem is that, though everyone may agree on this premise, few will agree on what would restore it.  There are two very different opinions about what way to go in our current government, and they do not seem to be resolvable.

In my opinion, the best way to resolved these problems is to find something that we can agree on (that we wish to be free to practice our differences instead of being forced into doing something we don’t want to do), and find a way to rally enough people to the cause that we could actually get something accomplished.

Looking at how it’s been done previously, the best bet it seems we have is through picking a single topic, crystallizing the message, and then organizing around that theme.

But what theme?

I originally thought that rallying around State’s Rights would be a big one– encouraging the adjustment of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution which put upon the states anything that was passed at the federal level– and thereby making the Federal Government the obvious target.

But what about taxation?  I’d like to repeal the income tax amendment and take away the power to tax.

The question is, how do you take power away from a government except by force?

My last idea for a solution is to push for a legislative reset– put on the ballot that all incumbent’s terms are up when their current term is done.  Add to that the idea that they’re forbidden to take current staff members as staff, all districts must be redrawn by a bi-partisan commission, etc. and perhaps you could get some accountability back into government.

Perhaps then we could limit its power…

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