May 27, 2024

New York State Senate Leadership Switches Sides


In a possibly out of order move, the New York State Senate tried to change its leadership to GOP run instead of run by the Democrats.

This isn’t really a surprise to me.  Back in the 2008 election cycle, a lot of money from outside the state was donated to Democratic causes inside the state in a bid to oust the Republicans from power for the sole purpose of getting same sex marriage legalized in the state as well as other liberal causes.

However, many of the democrats that benefited from the support came from conservative counties, and many of them said that they would not support same sex marriage, even though they were democrat.

Why this is making so much news is that not only are there a lot of elected officials switching sides, but that this is the first to switch to the GOP side.

What’s also interesting on this topic is what’s happening in Europe.  At a time when President Obama is popular, his policies, nationally, don’t seem to be that popular.  Europe is swinging conservative in light of the financial situation that it finds itself in.

What this means about the people of the different nations is anyone’s guess (there are too many views, I believe, to make that kind of generalization), but what is clear is that the conservative message of smaller government, lower debt, and better budgets is winning.

Too bad we can’t have someone share that message clearly over here.

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2 thoughts on “New York State Senate Leadership Switches Sides

  1. I read the Democrats have shut down the proceedings and are going to court to stop the GOP from taking over and continuing without them. Reminds me of Texas and Tom Delay and the Democrats’ fight over redistricting. If I remember correctly, the Dems tried to run away, and troppers were sent to haul them back. The democratic process is a real interesting thing to watch, especially when the Dems try to run away from the State Capitol building. 🙂

  2. Right– Gov. Patterson just says “have another vote.” Which is the logical solution.

    Now, I’ll even agree with Patterson. When then number of elected officials from two parties are so close that 2 members can switch sides and change the balance of power, what’s to stop mayhem from breaking loose every time someone disagrees with something? Whose to say that they couldn’t have new leadership every week?

    But in this case, I think you have to have another vote– it looks really bad to shut down government this way. Though I kinda like it, being an NYS resident, because that means it’s less money they can legislate out of my pocket!

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