March 4, 2024

Is Rush Limbaugh the Dark Knight?

Rush Limbaugh

Over the weekend I finally got a chance to watch The Dark Knight, and true to many of the things that I’ve heard of it: It was dark, and it was a powerful movie.

While there were many interesting lessons/topics to discuss coming out of the movie, the interesting thing at the top of my head this morning was that I wondered if Rush Limbaugh could actually be the Dark Knight for the country.

Let’s examine the facts in the case, and see if this could indeed be so:

He Won’t Run For Office

We all know that Rush makes more than any public servant.  It also stands to reason that he’s wise enough to know that he has probably saved and invested enough money at this point that the whole money question is moot.

What we also know, though, is that he is the most listened to talk radio voice, and the most vilified.  If there was ever a big target, it would be him.  He has millions of hours in the vaults at the future “Limbaugh wing of Museum of Broadcast Excellence” and you could be sure that they would find and twist anything they could.  Indeed, though Limbaugh could make a passionate argument for conservatism, he’s also hampered by the amount of exposure he has to the public spotlight, as well some of his personal struggles with morality.

He Still Fights the Bad Guys

Though a Rush Limbaugh candidacy would be an uphill battle all the way, his current location, “behind the golden EIB microphone” allows him to stand up for principles every day, and he is able to educate people in a way that he wouldn’t be able to as President.

Just like Batman was able to use fear and the cloak of the night to scare villains to work in the daylight and inspire the White Knight, Limbaugh is able to talk through the left’s talking points and shape the culture from his current perch.

Yes, the transparency has its costs—as did the physical and emotional wounds Bruce Wayne had to endure different wounds—but in order to take them and soldier on is the mark of the Knight.

He Takes the Fall

At the end of The Dark Knight, Batman acknowledges that he can never be the hero that Gotham needs.  He can be their protector, he can look out for their best interest, but he cannot be the one that inspires them.  His reputation is not pure enough.

Ultimately, our perfect example is Christ—and as believers we know that any other example will have tarnish.  But apart from this, I believe that Limbaugh is a Black Knight simply because his position and his morality issues precludes him from being a White Knight.  I will not list his sins, either you know them or you do not.  But for the public nature of the man, and for the morals that he supports while not at the same time keeping them himself, he would not be able to fill the White Knight position.

Your thoughts?

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