March 4, 2024

If They Really Wanted to Make a Difference


The Washington Post is out this morning with an article stating that the GOP is considering delaying their convention because of Hurricane Gustav.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the last thing that Republicans want is to appear like they are partying while another part of the country is hurting.

President Bush, a Republican, got a bad rap in the hours after Katrina, and has been saddled with the responsibility of what happened there—I believe unjustly.

But if the GOP cancel, I think that they’re missing a great opportunity.

I believe that if I were advising the Republicans, I would have their convention, but I would focus on Gustav instead of trying to ignore it.

Picture this:

TWIN CITIES, Michigan – The GOP party will be donating millions of dollars that would have gone to John McCain’s election fight to the batter cities of Louisiana.

People’s lives are being effected by this.  That this much more important than politics,” a McCain spokesman said.

For the next week, McCain will be visiting the area helping to provide relief for the people there.  He has withdrawn ads and will not be making any formal campaign appearances during this time.

It would help to underscore the “real people” and “real needs” aspect that Obama has been needling him with ever since McCain couldn’t tell how many houses he had.

Better yet—McCain could put up some refugees in some of his houses, and rent out some other houses to put people in.  They he could proudly say “Actually, it’s not 7, I now have 12.”

If he can underscore that it’s not about the money, it’s about what he does with it, and that it’s not about the position, it’s about people, I think that he can really endear himself to voters.

This would only work, however, if it were genuine.  It would be hard to attack, and would force Obama to join suit.  Otherwise you may have photos of Obama helping out Gustav while McCain’s at the convention partying.

Not a good thing.

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One thought on “If They Really Wanted to Make a Difference

  1. I hate to disagree with you MIn, but I think it is a wise decision. Most people are going to be watching the weather channel or evacuating areas. My sister’s husband is doing that right now.

    Watching a convention would be the last thing on my mind if my home or family were in danger.

    However, I must admit I am very happy with Palin as McCain’s running mate.

    Leticias last blog post..I cannot find out if this is true?

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