May 24, 2024

Links: Abortion

Links 14 Year Old Drowns Baby In School Toilet

Quite the sad story that asks the question, what’s the difference before the child was delivered and moment’s after when it was in the toilet?

Barak Obama: I Don’t Want My Daughters “Punished” With a Baby

Just state it like it is, Senator.  You don’t want your daughters to have to take responsibility for their actions.  You want them to engage in adult (and I would add marital) activity with an escape in case they happen to get the adult responsibility that comes with the action.

An Easter observation

An interesting observation that Evangelical Christians may gain the upper hand because of how they value children vs. aborting them.

Abortionist Says He’ll Obey Law Yet Bar Men from Room

An Abortionist told medical students that it was acceptable to lie to patience to get the man out of the room when abortion was performed.  It turns out the guys didn’t like seeing their girls going through a painful procedure…

Number of Abortions lowest in decades in US, survey finds

Of course the article ignores the possible obvious reason– that the country may be trending pro-life and that more people are choosing to keep their child instead of kill him/her?

Vogue Magazine Under Fire for Promoting Partial-Birth Abortion

Of all forms of abortion, many people unite behind PBA being the most like torture, the most inhumane, etc.  How anyone could get behind this procedure is anyone’s guess.

Change the Way Young Men View Young Women

Buffy gives some practical ways that we can reduce the abortion rate by changing the cultures views of each other– a worthwhile goal because ultimately it has to come from the heart.

Liberals Lie, Children Die

Is it all right for a corporation to mask its identity for the purposes of setting up a business the city might not want?  What if that corporation is an abortion provider?

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