May 20, 2024

So, How Do You Liking The Posting Schedule?

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So, how do you like the new posting schedule?  Do you like having more topics, more posts (even if they’re shorter)?  Or is it annoying that you can’t keep up?

For me, I’ve liked the shorter posts in that it’s allowed me to feel less stale.  There’s just so much I take in, and being free to post shorter posts on a topic means that not only am I having fun watching how the posts are received, I’m able to produce them quicker, and the conversations are different, but it has also increased commenting and traffic, which I was sure would be the exact opposite.

What I have noticed that’s a negative is that because I’m writing so many posts I’m not able to develop the longer features.  I’ve also been using material that I would comment on someone else’s blog on my which means that I’m not as involved on those blogs as I could be, and that I’m contributing to the “echo chamber.”

Perhaps some middle ground is in order, or I can tailor my approach differently.  In either case, this experiment has been what I’ve needed to have fun with blogging again, and that’s what’s important– right?

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One thought on “So, How Do You Liking The Posting Schedule?

  1. I definately think you can do a longer feature here and there and fill space between them with shorter ones.

    I like the shorter features ’cause I don’t have time to read very much very often, unforunately. And it might lend to better discussion, as your opinions haven’t been laid out up front. There’s more room to explore.

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