March 4, 2024

Carbon Debits and Global Cooling

There are many times I read something and think– I could have thought of that.  I did think of the “2007 to be the Coldest Year” concept   But that level of creativity has been surpassed.

Witness, Carbon Debits!  Working off the principle that all of these people are spending Carbon Credits so they can still do all the normal things that they do, and yet claim they’re helping the environment (Al Gore), Carbon Debits are backed by people that are actually cutting down trees and sending out e-mails and t-shirts:

We are on a mission to take away every one of Al Gore’s meaningless carbon credits by simply providing carbon debits. Help us make this dream a reality by purchasing one of the packages below. Don’t let Al Gore assuage his guilt with meaningless penance, heap it back on with carbon debits – every one of which we will let him know about.

Do We Really Kill Trees?
The short answer is “Yes”. We run a burgeoning business of clearing trees from grasslands so the Antelope won’t be scared. As silly as that previous sentence may sound it is actually true.1

But this may all be premature, since there hasn’t been any global warming in ten years:

This would mean global temperatures have not risen since 1998, prompting some to question climate change theory. But experts say we are still clearly in a long-term warming trend – and they forecast a new record high temperature within five years. 2

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again.  People are sheep.  They are easily led by people that put off some degree of credibility.  Don’t be surprised if in ten years we’re being warned about Global Cooling again.

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