May 23, 2024

Who’s Children Are They Again?

Girl This question just will not go away. Is a child born to a government or to a mother and father? Who is responsible for said child? For how long?

That’s the subtext of an article I recently read out of the Wall Street Journal that was discussing technological advancements in medical records.

Using her health plan’s Web site, Ursula Scott of Seattle can view the medical records of her 2- and 5-year-old daughters, check their immunization schedules, look up test results, exchange e-mail with a pediatrician and make appointments for the next office visit.

But when it comes to her 16-year-old stepson, no one in the family can gain access to any aspect of his electronic medical records — including the teen himself.

In the long-running effort to balance the rights of parents and adolescents in making decisions about medical care, technology has opened up a thicket of new legal and technical issues. The result is that teens are being left out of one of the most important advances in the administration of health care today.

The article goes on to say that once a child turns 13, the parents cannot see the charts because of privacy issues and the children cannot see the charts because they are not old enough to be able to sign for themselves. Why? Because they’re responsible to their parents.

These are the contortions we must do in large part because of abortion and how abortion was legalized in America. Because of the fear that a child may not get an abortion or get birth control if their parents could find out, the government had to make sure that the parents could not.

This flies in the face of the lipservice paid to wanting to reduce the number of abortions, since parents are the biggest faction in keeping children from engaging in sexual acts, getting pregnant and choosing abortion. I guess that’s why I believe the whole “safe, legal, and rare” thing to be a farce. They tout these rules as part of the “safe” but in essence take away the authority of the parents without removing any of the responsibility.

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3 thoughts on “Who’s Children Are They Again?

  1. This is such a frustrating thing too!
    When we lived in Washington I hated this!
    As parents we are responsible for the medical treatment of our children however if they were over 13 we had no access to medical records and could not pick up medications from the pharmacy without signed consent from the child!!!

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