June 20, 2024

The Problem With Democracies

In order to understand why our government is set up in the way that it is, the logic behind it and why it has gone as long as it has one has to start with defeating the common notion that we are a Democracy.

America is Not a Democracy

America was founded as a Constitutional Republic.  If you remember the Pledge of Allegiance you will recall that we pledge “to the republic for which [the flag] stands.”  Why is this important?

It’s important because democracies lead to one of two things: 1) Anarchy or 2) Despotism.  You see, the key thing to remember about a democracy is that majority rules regardless of whether it is right or moral.  A majority could decide that white males should now be slaves, and they would be slaves.  A majority could rally behind an individual, who would become despot.

Fortunately, we’re not a democracy no matter how many citizens we have that believe such.  The only part of our government that functions as a democracy is that part in which we elect representatives.

America is a Republic

We elect representatives, Presidents, and others to represent our views, our beliefs and our morals.  These people are supposed to have our best interest in mind.  This is contrary to the current axiom which says that elected leaders do things for job security.  Much different.  Representatives were originally elected by land owning males to do the business of the country.  They were not looking for hand outs, or support as much as defense and structure.

America’s backbone is the Rule of Law and Common Morality

It’s important to understand this truth.  First, no American is above the law– not even the President.  However, if the law is fluid– is only what man makes it– then the President could turn himself into a king, craft the law in such a way that it benefits himself, or simply abuse the law.

When the Magna Charta was signed, it was not to say that England did not want a king, but that the king was not the final authority.  America at its founding acknowledged in its declaration and by its Founders that liberty came from God– the Creator.

But what about the fact that the Constitution says “We the people of the United States” do X, Y, Z?  Who gave the people of the United States the right?  In order for any people to believe they have the power to come together and give some of their rights to a governing body, they had to have first had those rights to begin with.  If they had those rights, why do they have them?  The Declaration of Independence says that they have those rights because they were given to them by God.

America’s Constitutional Republic Depends on a Creator

The reason you see an ascendant government and secular humanism on the rise goes hand in hand with the teaching that we are a secular society with a democratic government– because only then can it be justified the actions that are being taken without regard to the “Higher Law.”  They have to water down the founding and founders.

They have to remove the linkage between Christianity and America.  Because as long as people know the truth, they can see that the way the government is going is wrong, and they have caused themselves to believe that they are the highest power where they are not.

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