April 12, 2024

The Internet’s Effects on Sexuality and How We View Ourselves

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We can spend a great deal of time discussing just how detrimental the Internet’s effects are on how we view ourselves sexually. If you do a basic search on beauty you’ll be inundated with thousands of beautification sites, not to mention thousands more pictures of what beauty is “supposed” to be.

How we view ourselves, often stems from our relationships and what expectations those may have on us. How our hair ‘should’ be, what we ‘should be’ wearing and even how we ‘should be’ in an intimate relationship. Each topic, alone, could be a week series. But do the Internet’s effects contribute to a more distorted image of sexuality and further is it then communicated through our relationships?

The Internet offers a lot more garbage (in my opinion) then not, when it comes to beauty; without a second thought we accept it as truth. But when we see a video such as this one from Dove, we actually stop and think just how adaptable beauty can be…within the click of a button. This was the first time, in a long time, which I’ve seen the Internet being used for good, when it comes to beauty. That video needs to be shown through all medias, to relay the message of how beauty can be tainted; how beauty is distorted.

The Internet, however, if just a media that is so readily used by all individuals from ages five to ninety-five. We NEED to have a realistic, natural view of beauty, and unfortunately the Internet is not assisting in the process.

When the Internet is used for “weigh loss” ads, “enlargement” products, and even to host “ana” networks that enable a negative sense of self, we need to educate about the Internet’s effects on sexuality. The Internet’s effects on sexuality are prevalent. We need to be educating younger generations and doing damage control on older generations.

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3 thoughts on “The Internet’s Effects on Sexuality and How We View Ourselves

  1. Great post! I know I learned something. That’s terrible about the “ana” networks…we parents usually think the dangers of the internet are all to do with pornography, etc…but that there are actual networks out there promoting eating disorders and self-mutilation. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I admit to a sense of self-preserved naivety! Sigh. I’m waiting to follow your link on the Dove video until my oldest and I can watch it together.

    Very glad you are joining the contributors here at MInTheGap. From reading at your site, I know you are in the action of the culture, and it’s been interesting to say the least…

  2. Great post Colleen, and thanks for highlighting the multiple areas in which we can fall prey. We as parents need to know that these things are out there, for some of these things are totally foreign to our minds.

  3. Mary, I would definitely bookmark that Dove link. I think that’s the best, short, informative video I’ve seen in a long time on what the media does to transform beauty. The internet can be such a great resource, but at times I often wonder if it’s more of threat.

    MInTheGap, thanks for inviting me to be a part of this series. I really enjoyed the series!

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