May 20, 2024

What is Marriage?

Two Become OneAccording to the UK, marriage is not two people of the same sex by logical definition. Sir Mark Potter, president of the London High Court Family Division stated thusly:

“Parliament has not called partnerships between persons of the same sex marriage, not because they are considered inferior to the institution of marriage but because, as a matter of objective fact and common understanding … they are indeed different.

“To accord a same-sex relationship the title and status of marriage would … fail to recognize physical reality.”

What reality would that be? That the definition of marriage is a partnership between a man and a woman. That a marriage is formed to provide a family for children. That history and precedent show that a marriage does not exist between two people of the same sex, or a person and a dog, or a person and a tree.

Way to go judge for putting it point blank. Now realize that the UK has partnership law, and these couples get all the same rights and regulations as marriage, but they do not get marriage. And why should they? As I’ve said before, they are trying to get moral acceptance on their deviant behavior– and that is as wrong as it is to say that divorce is ok. Homosexuality is banned in the Good Book, and divorce is extremely frowned upon.

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3 thoughts on “What is Marriage?

  1. Bravo judge! I have gotten into so much trouble voicing my opposition on same-sex marriage and it is wonderful to see that there are some who agree that the Bible states very clearly that homosexuality is wrong in any manner or form.

    Great post MIn!

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