March 4, 2024

Who You Become is More Important Than What You Do

This reminder comes to us from Rebecca Haglin:

In the “business” of life, it’s sometimes easy to forget that, as author Dr. vs. Gilbert Beers says, “What our children become is infinitely more important than what our children will do.”

In other words, it’s who they are becoming on the inside that matters most.

In the hubbub of living in the fast lane that is modern America, I must remind myself that the greatest gift I can impart to my children is to teach them to love God with all of their hearts and minds, and to love their neighbors as they love themselves.

How true this is. God calls us to make an impact, to impart a passion for Him in people. He blesses us with children as the closest neighbors to make disciples. As my church’s Sunday School class has been focusing on teens– it’s more important who they become! We can give them all the activities and entertainment and physical things, but in the end, it is who they are, not what they have.

A big key to this is who the parents are, and what kind of example they are. What parents focus on and what they do with their time will have a big impact on who the children are. So, watch what you watch on TV. Take time to talk with your children. Realize that the time you have to make your impact is short. Get to your church as often as the doors are open!

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