May 25, 2024

Study Reveals that Terrorists Manipulate the Media

Surprise, surprise

Terrorists use the press and public relations as weapons, said a study
released Wednesday by Arizona State University. “People are surprised
the jihadis think of the media as a weapon,” said Steven Corman,
director of the school’s Consortium for Strategic Communication and a
Defense Department consultant on communications networks and
counterterrorism. His study analyzed almost 300 al Qaeda statements,
letters and other documents, many of them captured during U.S. military
actions in the Middle East and recently declassified by the Pentagon.
The report found that jihadist operations use consistent patterns of
outreach that establish them socially and religiously, generate public
sympathy and intimidate opponents. Threats, in fact, are part of
terrorist “talking points.” “Jihadis pursue these strategies using
sophisticated, modern methods of communications and public relations,”
Mr. Corman said. “There’s evidence in the documents that jihadis
segment audiences and adapt their message to the audience.”

If you look at the press currently coming out of Iran now as well you see that the leaders over there have a mutual love for each other with the leaders quoting the press and vice versa. This should concern you…

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