May 21, 2024

‘Diversity Day’ Cancelled because it wasn’t Diverse Enough

From WorldNetDaily:

Amid controversy over a homosexual speaker, a high school in Wisconsin has canceled its “Diversity Day” event scheduled for tomorrow.

Speakers at Viroqua High School in Viroqua, Wisc., for the biannual event were to include Hmong, Jewish, Muslim, American Indian, African American, Latino, Buddhist, physically handicapped and poor people, the La Crosse Tribune reported.

The paper said, however, the event was called off late last week after the Florida-based public-interest legal group Liberty Counsel raised a potential challenge, insisting the program include the viewpoint of a former homosexual.

So basically, here’s how it goes. We get minority people who don’t represent the majority. We bring them in to preach the benefits of their style of life and let kids know how to deal when they meet these people later on in life. We don’t provide any context other than to say that these people are all acceptable. A group decides that it isn’t totally representative of a diverse population, and fear the moral context of homosexuals being able to present their situation as normal, so they recommend that an ex-gay and a pastor be also able to comment (after all, there’s a Buddhist there). The homosexuals are offended at the idea of an ex-gay there, and bail, cancelling the event.

What’s wrong here? I mean, any reasonable person could say that these people were wrong, since the school was just trying to give students a flavor of personality types different than themselves that they could meet. The problem is that it was in a moral vacuum, and equated all sorts of things as being find. Ask any Jew if he is the same as a Muslim and I’d bet you would find a bunch of differences listed. Some of the people presented represented nationalities or skin types, but some were lifestyle choices. Who is the school to be telling students what lifestyle choices are right, especially against parent wishes?

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3 thoughts on “‘Diversity Day’ Cancelled because it wasn’t Diverse Enough

  1. It is unfortunate that an out-of-state group, The Liberty Counsel of Florida, chose this event in Wisconsin to protest. The school’s effort to try to start a dialogue between culturally different groups was dealt a major blow by religious zealots, claiming to have Christain values, that targeted the proposed discussion on homosexuality at the event. When the school initially resisted omitting this part of the “Diversity Day” program, of which it was a small part of, the group incited local residents by telling them by misrepresenting the facts that the program/school “banned Christian viewpoints from being expressed during the program.” In other words, because they, The Liberty Group, were not happy that someone from the homosexual community would be able to express opinions on homosexual culture, it conducted a campaign of lies which included the creation of an atmosphere of intolerance which has caused confusion, fear, and intolerance in the community. Shame on them!

    Homosexuality is a complicated and personal issue for many Americans. It should be dealt with in a true Christian manner that includes understanding, compassion, and forgiveness.

    I strongly urged Christians to go to the source of Christian values and READ (I do not say RE-READ as it seems apparent that many have never actually read it) the book of Matthew and interpret the words of Christ for yourselves.

    God, please help us all to love one another and change the evil who pervert your words.

    Pastor Lenny

  2. I guess I’m unclear as to what you’re saying should have been done? Since the Bible is very clear on what God thinks of homosexuals (Paul goes into detail saying that that is one of the great sins that God detests and that activity is from Hell itself, it typified the sin that was in Sodom, was one of the sins that was to be judged by death in the Old Testament, and in Romans 1 it says that God inflicted a disease on the bodies of those that were engaged in it because of their actions) I would think that a compassionate and yet firm stand would be necessary for any Christian to have.

    Simply because a former homosexual was called in to say that the activity of sodomy is not something that you are born with and that you can have victory over it is not, in my book, a reason for cancelling an event.

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