April 24, 2024

Water from the Tap?

In case you thought that the water from the tap that is free from your local fast food place was better than the soda, this latest writing from News of the Weird will set you straight.

Seventh-grader Jasmine Roberts became a celebrity of sorts in February when her hometown Tampa Tribune published results of her winning science-fair entry, which concluded that the drinking-water ice of several local fast food restaurants contains more bacteria (including some E. coli) than the same restaurants’ toilet water. She used a laboratory at the University of South Florida’s Moffitt Cancer Center, where she is a volunteer assistant for a professor. [Tampa Tribune, 2-13-06]

That will get you to pass on the ice, or at least get some water from their toilet!

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2 thoughts on “Water from the Tap?

  1. I’d expect that, ice water needs to stand around while it freezes, it’s stagnant.
    Toilets get a bad rap. Antibacterial detergent ads will often tell you that your kitchen work-surfaces have more bacteria than your toilet seat. It’s true, but where else in your house to you regularly disinfect with *bleach*? Not many chemicals can compete with bleach, and those that dissolve glass or something ruling them out of the domestic market. In terms of microbiology, your toilet is the cleanest place in the house.

  2. Nasty! I’ll never forget finding out as a child that our tap water had been in someone elses toilet however many days before…city water. Ick.

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