April 24, 2024

Least Competent Criminals

This News of the Weird article speaks for itself:

In Clovis, N.M., in July, Danny J. Jimenez, 51, was sentenced to six years in prison for a pair of 2003 burglaries. Police had captured Jimenez by following the blood trail that stemmed from his encounter with a pawn shop’s glass jewelry case. Later, investigators learned that an injury to Jimenez’s head did not come from the jewelry case but occurred when Jimenez accidentally hit himself with a hammer while burglarizing a church later that night. Said a detective, “(Jimenez) had a big, round (indentation) in his forehead that was consistent with the hammer that I found.” (And, as if he needed more misery, Jimenez’s loot bag broke during his getaway, causing him to lose most of the jewelry, anyway.) [Albuquerque Journal, 7-13-05]

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