April 24, 2024

The Pool of Siloam

Archeologists in Jerusalem have found the Pool of Siloam.

When the sewer line in the Old City of Jerusalem needed repairs in the fall of 2004, the workmen made a historic discovery: the biblical Pool of Siloam. The Gospel of John cites this as the place where Jesus cured the blind man. Theologians have long thought the setting of the pool was a “religious conceit” used by John to illustrate a point. Turns out, the place is real. And it’s exactly where John said it is, reports The Los Angeles Times of a new study published in the Biblical Archaeology Review.

This shouldn’t surprise the Christian. We know that our faith is rooted in history, for God shows us in His Word how he acted through out the time and gives context to what is going on. Therefore, it’s just another confirmation that what the Bible says is literally true. There has yet to be a find that contradicts the Bible– they always affirm its historicity.

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