May 23, 2024

Judicial Tyranny

What gives the rights to the nine men and women in robes to determine right or wrong?  Certainly not the Constitution of the United States. It declared that the function of courts was to interpret the law, but
these courts have gotten out of hand.

When courts can find an imaginary right to privacy in the law, and thereby kill millions of children before they are born, we should have said this was too far.  I mean, think about it.  Whether you disagree
or agree with abortion, anyone knows that extreme caution should have been taken on that ruling.  In the best case, they were only removing tissue, but in the worst case, millions of lives could be lost because
of them.

Now we are bombarded with these blatantly false statements about discrimination.  I was reading a thread the other day where the person’s statement was that no where in our Constitution is discrimination enshrined.  Has this person even read the Constitution?  Without trying very hard, I can come up with at least two:  The President must be an American Citizen, 35 yrs old or older.

Think about this… more later.

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