March 4, 2024

Choosing Between Hunger and Rent

Have you seen the commercial where the man comes to collect rent from the woman with three kids? I can’t help wondering a few things about that commercial.

First, where is the father? Certainly this woman seems to have had some man in her life in order to have the three kids. In any case, money should be coming into there somehow.

Second, where is this woman’s family? Families and charities usually step in to help these people. Where are they?

Lastly, how prevalent is this problem? The way they make it out, these people have to choose between rent and food. How many cases like this are there? Do they have cable TV? I am suspicious that these ads are making these people out to be a whole lot more needy than they are.

However, let me say, there are people in need. There are people that need financial assistance. But we live in the richest land in the world. We have more welfare and social programs than I have time to name here. Surely these people can get help. And rather than scaring us for programs directing more of my money toward these people, help us
identify needy people that we can help. Instead of throwing money, let’s teach skills and help get these people on the right track.

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