July 1, 2022

What You Do When You Expect Electoral Catastrophe

One of the only things that explains the current activity by the Democrats in 2022 is a fear of the coming Red Wave election. Whether it’s the gun violence in the news every day, the January 6 hearings in prime time, or the inability to change inflation or gas prices, it feels like the Democrats know what is coming in November and are doing all they can to get themselves setup for the aftermath.

January 6 in Prime Time

There’s only a few people that care about January 6th at this point– one of them being former President, Donald J. Trump. He’s only interested in it because he has to mention how he lost the election via voter fraud all the time. If he were really interested in doing anything about it, he’d be talking about what to do for the next election instead of re-litigating the past one. I mean, all the news about 2000 mules and Dominion voting system vulnerabilities and fiasco in PA’s primaries will make that point for him.

No, the Democrats think a winning play is to talk about what happened on January 6, 2021, in prime time this far away from the election to tell you… what a rotten person Trump is? I mean, I hear that Biden is upset that he’s now more unpopular than the former President, but does anyone really think this will do anything?

I guess Jonathan Turley believes it will do something:

The committee has taken the rare step of subpoenaing GOP colleagues, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and threatening to hold them in contempt like Navarro and other former Trump officials.

Despite years of bitter political divisions, the two parties have long avoided using subpoenas against each other. It was viewed as a step toward mutually assured destruction if House members unleashed inherent investigatory powers on each other. House Democratic leaders, however, shattered that long tradition of restraint despite the fact that they may gain little from the effort. What they will lose is a long-standing detente on the use of subpoenas against colleagues — and they are creating a new precedent for such internal subpoenas just months before they could find themselves in the minority. Today’s hunters then could become the hunted, if Republicans claim the same license after November’s elections.

The House already is a dysfunctional body that allows for little compromise or dialogue between parties. The targeting of fellow members now will remove one of the few remaining restraints on unbridled partisan rage.

Subpoena wars: Washington is on a path to mutually assured destruction – Hat Tip Red State

Appears the GOP is going to get behind the “burn-it-all-down” road. The Dems don’t even know what to do when the hearing ends. I figure that the whole thing is going to be a circus, and when nothing happens, they will say that they didn’t have enough information from key people.

Gun Control

The Dems are also out to make as much hay as they can with gun control, regardless of the fact that shooting Uvalde looks more like a mess every day. As reported by Red State:

In the days after the deadly school shooting in Uvalde, TX, details of just how incompetent the police response was began to trickle out. RedState covered the delayed entry into the school, which only ended after Border Patrol agents disobeyed orders to neutralize the shooter. Another startling revelation was that parents who were begging law enforcement to enter the school were subdued, and in some cases, handcuffed and tased.

One story of a woman who broke free to go in and rescue her kids herself made news, and now she’s speaking out. Angeli Gomez is also making a barn burner of an accusation against the police.

Gomez describes a disturbing scene where police chose to put her in handcuffs because she was asking to go into the school to get her children. Eventually, after she was let out of them, she took off running, entering the school herself. She then found her two children amid the chaos and escaped.

Further, the mother says that she could still hear the gunshots going off while she was outside and inside the building, which conflicts with claims by police that all the victims were killed within the first few minutes. That’s been used as an excuse for why they didn’t storm the classroom immediately.

Gomez’s story didn’t end there, though, and this is where things get really infuriating. She says that someone with the police called her after the shooting, threatening to charge her with obstruction of justice if she spoke to the media about their failures.

Mother Handcuffed by Police in Uvalde Speaks out, Drops a Barn-Burner Accusation

Yet instead of hardening our schools or bringing police to justice, we have House members stating that they will do anything to confiscate our guns. They will eliminate the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court or do whatever in order to get their agenda through.

The rule of law and the Constitution no longer matter because the Democrats believe that they have a winning message now, and the media is more than willing to highlight gun crime, which was happening all the time anyway, so they can keep pressure to get their bills passed into law.

This is the last gasp of a group that’s going out of power, because they got everything else they wanted, just not in the way they wanted.

Inflation, Gas Prices, and the Coming Food Shortage

Whether by design or by chance, the Democrats are getting their wish on the climate change front, and their attempt to remake the American economy is in full force. The rise in gas prices is bringing with it a rise in the cost of food and food scarcity, which is allowing the government to tell everyone that oil is evil and that the government can provide all the food and goods you need. All the while, Biden talks about how great the economy is and how well-off people are.

Whereas in an election year you would expect a rising stock market and lower gas prices to protect the party in power, President Biden is taking the exact opposite approach, and messaging that this is what needs to be done to get the country towards a new, green economy. Because if he can’t get Build Back Better passed through legislation, he’ll make you feel the pain until he believes he can force it on the people.

Or hang it around the Republicans in power in 2022.

Look for the Democrats to blame the Republicans for all the stuff they have brought on the country after they are in the minority as part of their play for the Presidency in 2024. Never mind that everything that is happening could be fixed by the White House and its policies.

The real cynic in me wonders if they are setting up the Republicans to be forced into doing something through legislation to bail the Democrats out and make them look better. I always thought that the best thing for the Biden Presidency would be a GOP-controlled House and Senate, but I hope that means that the right bills are passed or vetos are overridden, not that the GOP would pass Dem bills. Crazier things have happened.

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