August 17, 2022

Vietnam and The Booster Shot

Last week we covered that the law doesn’t matter when it comes to COVID-19, that the disease with a 95%+ survival rate has made us turn over our rights at an alarming rate. Some countries have had even more rights curtailed during the past year– one of them being the country of Vietnam.

Vietnam detained 4.3 million people in centralized quarantine centers in 2020, and quarantined another 6 million at home.

It also closed its borders to nearly all international travel and created an phone app that includes “allows users to declare their own health status, report suspected cases, and watch real-time movement of people placed under quarantine.”

As Reuters reported on August 26: “Vietnam has deployed soldiers to the streets of Ho Chi Minh City to help enforce the country’s strictest movement curbs yet which prevent people from leaving home, even for food.”

Insanity in Vietnam

The interesting thing here is, like the European countries, the stats said that back in December/January time frame the virus was showing signs of being finished. And then, during the spring as the different countries were rolling out their vaccination strategies, all of a sudden delta hit.

Too many countries have seen this trend for it to be called coincidental. The question is what’s causing it. Possibilities include post-vaccine behavioral changes (hot vaxxed summer!), vulnerable people clustering together at vaccination sites, or (most likely) some short-term vaccine-driven suppression of the immune system.

Given that we know now peak mRNA vaccine protection lasts a matter of months at most, the post-first-dose spike is even more important in judging the costs and benefits of vaccines. But vaccine advocates will not even acknowledge the existence of the post-first-dose spike, much less admit that it leaves the case for mass vaccinations even murkier than before.

Insanity in Vietnam

Meanwhile, in one of the two countries with the highest vaccination rates, Israel is saying that you are not fully vaccinated unless you’ve had a third dose.

Israeli authorities announced Sunday a third coronavirus jab will be offered to anyone aged 12 and up, with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett declaring that all citizens must receive a third jab to be fully vaccinated.

‘We have to complete third doses for all of our citizens. I call on those aged 12 and up to go out and immediately take the third shot,’ he said in a statement.

The announcement came following the success of the country’s booster jab campaign which launched one month ago among seniors.

Bennett said a third jab slowed a rise in severe illness caused by the Delta variant among the elderly, prompting the decision to make a third jab available for the wider population.

‘The third dose of the vaccine works,’ he said, declaring that ‘the increase in severe morbidity has begun to slow’ following the booster campaign.

Boost, Baby, Boost

I wonder if they’ll update their statistics given this new reality.

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