August 14, 2022

Why is Trump Visiting the Border?

Is Trump trying to setup a shadow government? Does he know something we don’t know?

Now he’s going to visit the border:

Last week, Abbott announced he would be building a border wall after the Biden administration halted Trump-era construction projects. He has already launched a task force and allocated $1 billion for border security. The Texas governor assured he is committed to keeping everyone involved in the loop as he moves ahead with his plan.

In the meantime, Trump accepted an invitation from Abbott to get a first-hand look at the southern border. The 45th president said Joe Biden inherited the “strongest, safest and most secure southern border in U.S. history,” yet he completely destroyed it within a matter of weeks.

President Trump, Texas Gov. Abbott To Visit Southern Border On June 30th

And his advisor is out there saying that Trump could be reinstated.

On Friday, a Hill-HarrisX poll showed that 30 percent of Republicans, 13 percent of Democrats and 26 percent of independents think Trump will likely be reinstalled at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this year.

After reporting the results of the poll, The Hill added: “There is no constitutional or legal mechanism for Trump to return to office in 2021 after losing to President Biden in last year’s election. The Electoral College results were certified by Congress in January.”

We’re certainly in uncharted territory, but to say there is “no constitutional or legal mechanism” to right the wrong that many are convinced occurred last November might be wishful thinking on the part of The Hill.

On Monday, former Trump campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn joined Dr. Gina Loudon on her podcast, “Real America’s Voice,” to discuss what could be done.

Epshteyn believes that if fraud is proved in a sufficient number of states, the case will be given to the Supreme Court to decide.

“To say there’s not a path is a misunderstanding of the Constitution,” Epshteyn said.

Trump 2020 Strategic Adviser: Constitution Does Not Prohibit Trump from Being Reinstated

Read the whole thing if you will, but the crux of the argument is that the Constitution is a negative rights (telling what you cannot do) rather than telling what you can do. People in the MAGA camp are saying that there’s some way that the states could put Trump back in power if there’s enough fraud found. Then the states could decertify their ballots, and the Supreme Court could be asked, “What do we do now?!”

Far fetched, but definitely keeping Trump in the news.

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