August 19, 2022

What Did the FBI Know and When Did It Know It?

Hat Tip: Tucker on 1/6

I thought this whole thing with the FBI and January 6 was a joke. But as more comes out, I’m beginning to wonder just what was going on. We already know that some police got out of the way and opened doors so that the people could get in the Capitol. We know that the powers that be are trying to make this into an insurrection, and the worst attack on the Capitol ever, when it’s far from that.

Is this a tar baby scenario, where the left is letting out items like this to beg us to go investigate and call for a commission because we wouldn’t otherwise? We know they want to keep making this into a Trump-bad thing…

We already know that people in the government didn’t like Trump and want nothing more than to make sure that he will never win again. It’s interesting that this comes out just as he is making more noise about how he would have won and maybe the American people or Congress could make him win yet. It’s also convenient that this could steal focus from the results of the audits.

So, I still think there’s probably nothing there, and we’d be foolish to let this make us investigate, but time will tell.

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