May 20, 2022

What Browser are You Using?

I’m usually pretty slow to change browsers. I stayed with Netscape Navigator when it was slow compared to Internet Explorer, then I moved to Firefox. I’ve never really been on Chrome, preferring Firefox until I saw how much faster Brave was– but it didn’t have all the extensions I wanted to use, especially my random password manager. So I’ve been a faithful Firefox user for a while.

Recently, with all the politics about and Firefox executives saying that browsers should take it upon themselves to police content on the Internet, I decided to give Brave another try, and I’m really liking what I’m seeing!

It has the support for the plugins that I want now, and it is is so much faster! I haven’t dabbled with the options to pay creators yet, though I see it’s potential.

My only quibble this far is that sometimes when I click to open a link in Outlook it doesn’t open in a new tab, but in a new window. I can work around that.

It’s easy to port all your information from Chrome or Firefox, so why not give it a try? Click on the image or the link above– it’s free.

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