June 20, 2021

The Inauguration of Biden is Not the End of Q

Throughout the coverage of Q, I have told everyone that reads here and everywhere else I publish that the media conflates the ecosystem around Q with Q. They call it “QAnon” to lump it altogether, and then take the craziest parts of the theory to invalidate the whole thing.

That’s not saying that I believe that everything Q said is true. One of the biggest problems with Q was that you knew everyone read it, so Q said there was disinformation. I mean, in 2017 when Q burst on the scene he was talking like Hillary Clinton and many other officials had been arrested and headed to GITMO, only to say that he said all because people were watching and they wanted to see what would happen.

In fact, anyone that read Q for any period of time would know that Q would say that they did a lot of things to get the enemy to expend “ammunition” with the hopes that they wouldn’t have any more operatives or recourses once the “plan” was executed. What was this plan? That was also something that was kept in the dark. Most thought it was a way to round up the deep state, the pedophiles (or people that were being blackmailed by forced pedophile material) and get justice.

It tied in with Trump because Q first posted when Trump mentioned “The Calm Before the Storm”:

For a while, Q attached themselves to this statement, and then pointed out all the 17’s, timestamps of tweets, things Trump said and did with things that they would post on 4chan, then 8chan and then 8kun.

If you’ve been following for a while, you’d know that Q was independent of Trump– that they almost chose Trump to run in 2016 and helped him win because they knew that they could use him to get their plan accomplished. So, because of this, one has to assume that if Q is/was real, then those same people still now exist, though maybe some have retired, we don’t know.

If it’s the case that these upper level administration officials are still in their positions, then it must also be true that they would not want their identities revealed, especially now with all the focus on QAnon in the press. Maybe the FBI and others know who Q was and stopped them, or maybe they went deep cover.

Suffice it to say, there’s no reason that a Trump loss means the end of the plan, as much as Robert Barnes would like to think.

And Reuters is trying to deflate Trump voters as well.

Some still hold out hope that this is part of the plan. Vox argues that maybe it had to be this way:

There was a fear in the McCarthy era that the communists could take over our government, so provisions were put in place for the military to protect us should that happen. These provisions allow the military to take control while they remove the belligerent government and restore a legal civilian government (with the military running the elections to do that). Literally, the military was put in place as the last line of defense of the Constitution should an illegal government be installed.

This is why they didn’t send a government plane for the President-Elect – because they know he is not a legitimate President and, once he was sworn in, the government became illegitimate (belligerent) and the military is now responsible for restoring legitimate civilian government (otherwise foreign powers will gain control – see #1 above).

If they want hopium and copium

And he’s certainly smarter than I. I would like to believe that justice would come, and wrong would be made right. I’d like to see God’s truth be proclaimed and America stand on the culture of the founding and find its way.

Regardless of whether Q is real, Vox is right, or the Barnes and Posobiec’s of this world are, my mission stays the same– to live God’s life among the people around us and wage the battle of the heart and mind with the culture to see souls won to Christ.

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