April 21, 2021

The Cake Baker Makes An Appearance

A lot of people on social media, and now in comments sections of major publications are sharing the idea that if the Republicans want to make it so that cake bakers, like Masterpiece, can choose not to make gay wedding cakes, then Twitter and Facebook should be able to silence the President and remove Parler from their webhost:

If you support a baker choosing to not selling a wedding cake to a same-sex couple, then it follows you must support a company choosing not to do business with a customer that behaves in a manner contrary to the company’s known parameters. As the same-sex couple was told, go find someone else to bake your cake. Parler should do the same. If they can’t, perhaps it’s the ‘cake’ they are trying to bake.

“The ability of companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google to control what people see online is so potent, it is the subject of antitrust hearings….”

The funny thing is, the left believes that this man should have to make gay wedding cakes AND that these internet companies should ban the President and Parler. So they are hypocrites as well. Where is their campaign to have the President reinstated?

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