April 21, 2021

Is It Over?

It certainly feels like it.

President Trump showed up 45 minutes late to his own rally yesterday. My guess is that VP Pence had just shown him the document that he was going to drop declaring that he didn’t believe he had any right to confront the electoral ballots, to send them back to the states, or simply not count them– what people had dubbed the “Pence Card.”

President Trump’s speech, laced with “adult language” showing a man who was visibly angry and frustrated, ended with him stating that he would lead the people to the Capitol– but he jumped into a car and vanished.

Meanwhile, the Capitol Police allowed a segment of the rallygoers to enter the Capitol, abscond with a few things, break into Pelosi’s office and the Senate chamber, and they took a shot at an unarmed woman, killing her. This persuaded some of the people that were going to object to electors votes not to do so, and other than an objection over Pennsylvania’s votes, the night was capped around 3:00 AM with Biden being declared the winner.

And then there’s this, from Dan Scavino this morning, since President Trump has been locked out of his @realDonaldTrump account:

There are 13 days remaining between now and Inauguration. This would sound like it’s over, and yet, there are those out there that believe that President Trump has relocated to a nuclear facility and is getting his troops ready. They believe a tweet from him yesterday telling rioters to go home means that he’s done what he has to do to start the Insurrection Act. Has Vice President Pence’s Chief of Staff been denied entry to the White House, or is it completely on lock down? Is the lockout from Twitter one of the call outs from Q’s post, and that means we’re in the end game now?

What cards are left to be played?

  • Where is the report on foreign interference in the 2020 election that was supposed to come out 45 days after the election?
  • Could Trump really declassify everything that hasn’t come out?
  • More special counsels started up?

Not much left, as far as I can see. My read is that President Trump doesn’t want to have America break up (at least not during his Presidency). Could the rally have been one more proof to himself that people love and believe him, or was it more? President Trump appears to want what is best for America, but is that the character we are seeing or the person? Does he believe the rhetoric he says and used to get people fired up, or is it a tool?

He won’t concede, and I doubt he would be present at a Biden Inauguration, but, like I said, 13 days to go, and as we’ve seen, anything can happen.

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