April 22, 2021

This Video Shows Illegal Activity, Even If The Votes are Legitimate

It’s nothing short of amazing. The Georgia Senate had convened to hear about the election, and the first ones to be heard were the Secretary of State’s office saying that no fraud occurred. They had done the election, and a recount. Even though the recount gained votes for President Trump, the result hadn’t changed, so they didn’t update the count. Since nothing changed, the SOS argued, the election was correct and the legislature didn’t need to do anything.

And then it was Trump’s team’s term. They listed a number of ballots from PO Boxes, dead people, and people that had moved, before showing a video that they had just received that set the right on Twitter a buzz:

So during a period of time during the night, the observers were told to go home, and everyone but four people did. Those four brought out boxes of ballots from cases underneath desks and processed these ballots without observers.

This breaks the rules set forth by the state of Georgia, and, more importantly, could signify election fraud. You won’t see it on CNN unless it goes further, and there were attempts to say that the SOS debunked it, but expect this to get a lot of traction on right leaning areas and maybe persuade the Georgia governor to do the audit that Team Trump has been asking for.

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