May 8, 2021

The Biggest Revelation in Michigan? More Votes Processed Than Possible Given the Equipment

A lot of drama coming out of Michigan– a state that many thought Trump would win (and he did in 2016), but a late night dump of ballots caused him to lose by around 140,000 votes.

Two nights ago, Wayne County was attempting to certify their election results. It’s a four member panel (2 R, 2D), and the two Republican members initially refused to certify the election because of irregularities they couldn’t explain. After a two hour public comment period where the public harassed the Republicans, doxxed them and threatened their children, the Republicans agreed to vote to certify as long as the state authorized an audit to solve the issues.

President Trump jumped in at the first vote to say they were standing tall and calling on Michigan State to follow suit, and then the media jumped all over him when they certified.

Then, last night, the GOP members signed sworn affidavits rescinding their votes for certification, claiming intimidation and the State group refusing to hold up their end of the deal– no audit.

If that weren’t enough, a new affidavit has come out in MI that has more shocking allegations:

You can read the whole document here, which details how insecure Dominion voting machines are, how they don’t have valid audit trails, etc., but this is the most interesting because it alleges that it’s impossible to have the number of votes come in because it’s simply beyond the physical limitations of the machine. You can’t process that many votes. So something had to happen to make the number jump that high outside of running ballots through the scanner.

Was there a process that was broken, and a bunch of ballots were held up and then come through?

Is it like they suggest and there were blank ballots loaded in the system that they could direct as they wish?

What was the glitch that happened– really a glitch or computer error?

Why are there fraction votes?

There’s a lot of good questions, and it will take time to get those answers.

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