May 16, 2021

See The Light?

I get a lot of questions when I show people Q that they don’t know how to read what Q posts. That’s because there really is no one that knows. There are a lot of people guessing, and Q did this. Q told people that misspellings mean something, and that Q and President Trump’s twitter feed often coincide. So you’re left wondering whether something that is said actually matched up or not, and you don’t know whether it does match unless there’s confirmation.

One such example popped up on Twitter last night. If you look at the above image you’ll see someone believes that Trump keyed off of a Q post– in this case, the phrase “see the light” which is in a Q post that talks about someone else leaving CISC– Chris Krebs.

Another big thing is time stamps, and you see that Trump tweeted on 10:20 and Q sent his message at 22:20– same time. So most Q people will consider this a confirmation that Trump knows about Q and that you can trust the plan.

Who knows if this is accurate!

The problem that most of the press has, as well as anyone speaking with authority on Q is that a lot of people are talking about their own spin on what they see, and taking Q’s actual statements off in all sorts of directions and adding to it. So the press talks about what people think about Q, not what Q actually says. Like Q never said JFK, Jr was alive– he actually said he was dead. But that didn’t stop the media from promoting one set of Q followers who think he’s still alive and saying that’s all of Q.

And as to the image at the top… Everyone knew Krebs was going to be fired. You didn’t need inside knowledge for that. The question is more is there a plan and is the plan for Pres. Trump to win, or to uncover fraud so we get Voter ID. Have fun figuring out what Q is really saying, because it’s a puzzle.

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