May 8, 2021

To Trump or not to Trump: Evangelicals Come Up With Excuses Not to Vote Republican in 2020

On the day of the second debate, more Christians are writing posts either explaining why they will vote Biden, or giving cover to those that would make the choice not to vote for Trump. A lot of the time has been spent attempting to talk the “single-issue voter” out of voting for Trump by trying to persuade them that they need not vote for the Pro-Life Presidential candidate because the President really doesn’t have any power to stop abortion anyway– and you’ve been doing it for a while, and what has it got you?

Today, a new article came out from John Piper, explaining how Trump’s sins are enough to cause the righteous not to vote Trump because the sins of boasting, pride, etc will take a nation down.

This is true not only because flagrant boastfulness, vulgarity, immorality, and factiousness are self-incriminating, but also because they are nation-corrupting. They move out from centers of influence to infect whole cultures. The last five years bear vivid witness to this infection at almost every level of society.

Policies, Persons, and Paths to Ruin

I don’t know of any politician that runs for President that is not boastful, none that do not use vulgarity (some may confine it to closed doors, but all of them use it), Biden is accused of Rape, and Obama did more against race relations, and the list goes on and on. The question is, what kind of standard should a believe hold on a person running for President. And obviously, we don’t have elective republics in the Bible, and God occasionally chooses a Nero to lead a country, so we can’t know whether God wants to judge a people or not. I mean, we could have an angel running for office, but God may still want the sinner– how would we know.

Does Character Matter?

We have to say yes– but should we vote for the incompetent good guy over the proficient normal guy? Should you pick the politician, who spent his lies making promises that he didn’t keep, turned an eye to foreign influence, and traded his name for money, or the business man who bends the truth, sells you on a pitch, and makes changes along the way. Should you vote for the guy that pretends he came from one location or station in life, but really lived quite differently, or the guy that covers everything in gold and is in the business of touting his brand to make a living.

Character became the rallying cry when Pres. Bill Clinton defiled the Oval Office with a young intern and then sought to cover that up. The GOP made character the cry to attempt to get Clinton booted from office– which failed, because the people liked his policy more than fact that they judged his character.

Who Does God Want us to Elect?

At the end of the day, who does God want us to elect? Paul says that we should strive to have those in authority over us that will let us worship God the way that we should– we should want peace. When we look at the platform of the Democrats versus the Republicans, we find that in all areas touching religious freedom, only one side actually preaches and follows it.

The GOP is the only side that is championing a baker’s right not to make a wedding cake that goes against their religious beliefs. The GOP is calling for churches to be considered essential services. The GOP is championing the pro-life causes, including not having tax dollars pay for abortions, or pay for care that violates their principles in their businesses.

The Dems are canceling people and businesses that stand for Biblical values. The Dems tell you that you can’t meet in your own cars, outside of your church because COVID. The Dems are the ones bringing suits against Christian photographers, bakers, etc. The Dems are imposing religious tests on judicial nominees, and saying that church run schools have to allow people that hold unBiblical beliefs to teach and be a part.

The choice is pretty clear, which is why all these people are coming out trying to make it cloudy by talking about one individual’s behavior. It’s the only thing they have.

Which side supports your free exercise of belief– even if those beliefs are something you may not personally agree with– and who is seeking to reeducate you and tell you want to believe if they win?

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