May 31, 2023

The Link Between Private Education and Divorce

A new study has been conducted to find out if Homeschooling or Christian Schooling has any bearing on family structure of children, and the results are not surprising:

The results detailed in this report suggest that boys and girls who attend private schools are more likely to avoid a nonmarital birth and to get and stay married. This pattern is especially pronounced among Protestant-school attendees, which suggests that these schools are more likely to foster a kind of “Protestant Family Ethic” among their students. This is an ethic that seems especially conducive to strong and stable families.

The Protestant family ethic hat tip Vox Day

This throws cold water all over the idea that it’s good to send your children to be a light to that institution, because that institution is what is indoctrinating your children in ways that are anti-family and anti-God.

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