April 18, 2021

Restaurants After COVID-19

How long after the quarantines are done will it take for you to go to a sit down restaurant? What if the servers are wearing gloves and masks?

That’s some of the questions that people are starting to ask now that some states have started opening back while trying to remain healthy.

The Atlantic seems to think that “[t]he big will get bigger as mom-and-pops perish and shopping goes virtual. In the short term, our cities will become more boring. In the long term, they might just become interesting again.” Maybe that’s the case, or maybe people will try to help the local shops more than the big chains, and will patronize them more.

Even as this has taken place, many places have added windows and drive thru support, and I don’t see that going away any time soon.

So how about for you– will you be there opening day, never again, or somewhere in between?

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One thought on “Restaurants After COVID-19

  1. We haven’t been hit hard in the Midwest, so no worries here. I was excited to see cars lined up at a local small town restaurant last night, and glancing inside, it looked plenty spacious for social distancing. We are wearing masks out of consideration for others but are not concerned or fearful, any more than we are during a typical flu season. How about you? I know your area was hit harder.

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