April 22, 2021

Family Thanks Maintenance Man For Spending Time With Dying Mother

It’s sad it has to come to this. That family is unable to spend time with their sick or dying relative so someone else has to instead.

What has this virus made of us, and how can you fathom spending your last moments on this earth gasping for breath among strangers?

Iris was a resident of the Chartwell Ballycliffe Long Term Care Residence in Ajax, Ontario. On April 12, the care facility announced four residents had died of COVID-19, and another 25 residents and staff had confirmed cases.

Margaret and the rest of her family were unable to see Iris — Ballycliffe was closed to visitors since mid-March — and the facility’s nurses and personal support workers were too busy to use their phones to allow the family to do video chats.

On April 17 — the day the facility notified Iris’ family that she had been placed in palliative care — Margaret’s sister was standing by the window when she saw a man attending to her mother. According to Margaret, he began to wave his phone with his number visible and she called it.

“He put the phone close to her ear and she was able to chat with mom,” Margaret said. “All of a sudden, she clapped her hands.”

Family thanks maintenance employee for comforting dying mother in long term care facility

Read the whole thing, and be thankful that this man cared.

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