May 27, 2022

What I’m Reading – 04-23-2020

I know what you’re thinking. Day 4 with no real post, just these links and comments. And you’re right! Just so much going on in a COVID-19 world. Much of my life hasn’t changed… if anything it’s gotten more busy as the things that I can do are in demand now more than ever.

That, and trying to make sure you’re positioned better for the future and being more introspective about what you’re doing now and what you should be doing instead. It’s quite an interesting time to be alive.

Congress Finalizes $484 Billion Deal – $321 Billion for Paycheck Protection Program…
Looks like Congress is going to pass an increase to the payment protection program. Has your small business taken advantage of it? Should churches? What is the moral implications and are you sure that it will become a grant instead of a loan?

The Swedish experiment looks like it’s paying off
For a little while there it looked like Sweden, who had taken the least invasive rules to contain the COVID-19 bug, was going to prove modeler’s right and start seeing an uncontrollable uptick in cases and deaths. That just isn’t happening.

People just doing their jobs are not heroes, no matter how dangerous the work is
We do have the tendency to call someone a hero because they’re doing something that we wouldn’t do, even if it’s their normal job. It’s kind of our way to inflate people, but some words need to be defined carefully such that we have a word for the truly exceptional.

Everyone is lying
We know not to trust the Chinese media… or do we? Bats? Chinese? US? I don’t know that we’ll really know whether this was accidental or a weapon this side of glory.

Idaho Police Arrest Subversive Mom For Taking Children to Playground…
Really?! They arrested a mom in front of her kids for taking them to a playground!

It’s Not Often in Life You Get a Do-Over (So Take the Do-Over!)
What is your family life going to look like post COVID-19? Take this time to make some changes– some permanent changes– and do it slowly.

Escaping the Crab Barrel
Improvements in your life start small and don’t need announcement. Just do it. Get up and spend time in the Bible and prayer. Lose that weight. Don’t be all talk, and don’t brag.

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