May 28, 2022

Why Doesn’t Trump Declassify Already?

Many have wondered why President Trump hasn’t declassified the FISA application for Carter Page and supporting documents, since many believe this may stop the whole Russian Collusion process.

The American Thinker believes the investigation is a cover up. That sounds right– because the stated reason that it isn’t released is the feeling that it would look like obstructing justice– Mueller’s investigation.

What’s really strange is the people that are coming out now claiming that Mueller hasn’t gone far enough:

How does he know the mandate? How did the “Five Eyes” group know what was in the FISA application? Were they part of something that they shouldn’t have been?

Seems like Pres. Trump has taken a new tactic– that if the Dems in the house are going to send 81 requests for documents from the Administration, then he is going to call it Presidential Harassment, and he’s going to fight back.

My thought is that it’s going to go something like this:

  • Mueller will release report
  • Trump will move to declassify all the documents
  • DOJ will start unsealing indictments and some House chairmen are going to be in trouble.

Now it’s possible that Trump may fire one thing at a time, but if he’s giving any hints at what he’s holding or how he’ll react– he’s going to launch something no one expects, bigger than anyone ever imagined, and scorch the Earth so they can’t continue their investigation.

Does he have something that big? Could what the right believe is justice actually come out?

We’ll see.

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