July 6, 2022

Comey and Mueller: Tied to the Clinton Foundation

Over the weekend, Andrew McCarthy posted an article entitled Robert Mueller’s Plan. In the article, McCarthy states that the way Muller is running this investigation is like a man who has to file a report, not someone that is bringing someone to trial. Therefore, Mueller can craft all the statements and doesn’t have to worry that all of his witnesses are liars. He just has to pull together a convincing story.

Here’s the part that I found interesting:

That brings us to the “where there’s smoke, there must be fire” talking-point Mueller fans have been trying out: If all these people are lying to cover something up, that something must involve some egregious criminality. That’s ridiculous. We know from our own daily lives that crimes account for only a very small percentage of the things people lie about. Indeed, throughout the 1990s, Democrats insisted that prosecutors should leave Bill Clinton alone because everybody lies about sex. People lie about things that they are embarrassed or ashamed about.

Politics is a seamy business. Pols want to think of themselves as public servants, but they spend lots of time with their hands out, either pleading for money or collecting information that might compromise an opponent. Successful politics requires horse-trading and compromise, so pols are forever explaining how they could actually be against something they voted for. A lot of this is embarrassing stuff. Consequently, when people in and around politics get caught practicing politics, they often lie about what they’ve done.

Politics is not a crime, of course. Consequently, if you criminalize politics — if you turn a prosecutor loose to investigate political campaign activities — you are apt to find unsavory conduct that is not criminal but that some people will lie about.

Andrew McCarthy, Mueller’s Trump Investigation Plan: Report Not a Criminal Case

You’ll want to read the whole thing, but this is the part that struck me– both because it’s true how bad politics and the name “politician” is and for the fact that what was done sounds bad, but is not illegal. Some things that are morally or ethically wrong are not illegal.

Speaking of Trials

The next set of QAnon posts have to do will Mueller and Comey. Former FBI Director Comey is due to come before the House Oversight Committee today after coming to an agreement with the House GOP that the entire transcript of the interview would be available in 24 hours after his testimony is given and FBI representation would be available. Q has been hinting that there’s political calculus going on in regards to declassification of some material that could paint Comey in a bad light, or catch him in a lie, and with a public testimony he could steer clear of some questions he couldn’t in a classified interview.

There’s some idea that maybe there’s a clue in the Comey timestamp to attorney challenge to subpoena, and some Q watchers are thinking that the numbers add up to either today at 6 PM or tomorrow. The general consensus is that the declassification of whatever will happen at one of those times. Could that be what they were hinting at on Friday?

Q fixes the typo, or put’s y in the “Kill box” depending on what you think about Q lore.

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to think that Q’s being pretty clear that Mueller is looking out for himself, not attempting to help Trump. The more I read, the more it looks like Mueller is hoping to keep Trump at bay rather than try to help him, though at least one Q watcher I’ve seen on Twitter thinks that Mueller is still in on a big surprise. This is why:

Some take “save himself” as meaning that by working with/for Trump Mueller is going to get a lighter sentence. When I read this I understood it to mean that Mueller is doing all this to keep the collusion story going in an effort to kick the can into the next Congress or next Presidency, because as long as his investigation is going he’s practically untouchable. Which is why when I read this…

I read put it together with the previous drop as saying that Mueller was trying to stop “what is coming” but he won’t be successful.

Maybe it’s because I read these drops from a page that only shows Q’s post and related materials and I read them in order that I don’t see what others claim to see– I mean, everything is context, right?

Witness Tampering

Meanwhile, since @SethAbramson has proven that Trump is a lying traitor, everything he says to anyone else is also witness tampering.

Seth’s referring to this tweet from President Trump:

So Abramson admits that it isn’t witness tampering if he’s telling them to tell the truth, but it is because Trump is lying. He then retweets a bunch of other lawyers agreeing with him that this sounds bad. Why Trump decided to Tweet this other than to rev up his base and stir the anti-Trumpers is anyone’s guess.

This accusation even made it to the New York Post.

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