March 28, 2023

Has Trump Been Successful In Implementing His Agenda?

In the middle of a discussion I was having on Twitter regarding whether it was right for the Department of Justice to have a guideline not to indict a sitting President, I broached the idea that the reason that we are even having this conversation is that there are many people that believe that Pres. Trump should be indicted and jailed. They are furious that no one will stop him using this means, mostly because they know that the Republican Congress and Senate will not impeach and convict him, so they believe that if they could get an indictment or, better yet a criminal conviction, then the Republicans would have to get rid of him.

This has been in back of the Russian Collusion narrative, the Stormy Daniels affair and the rest– the idea that there needs to be something, anything that can remove Trump from office.

But I want to focus in on this Tweet:

There’s a lot there in those first two sentences, that if you aren’t reading thoughts from the left you wouldn’t understand.

“He has actually done very little”

If this were true, one wonders what the actual problem with him being in the Presidency is. In fact, the reason for this continued push to find something to remove him with is because of everything he’s done. According to them:

  • He’s not supposed to be there
  • He’s ruining Obama’s legacy
  • He’s a disgrace to the office

So when someone makes the statement that he’s done a lot, it has to be met with he’s done very little to both help justify his removal and because it doesn’t fit with what they believe about him.

“That a minority want”

This hearkens back to the idea that Trump “did not win the popular vote.” Even if the “minority” that they are talking about is 700,000 votes less than the majority and still means 60 million people, they still have to use the word minority to mean that what he is doing is unpopular.

This has many issues.

For one, this implies that those that voted for Clinton or a third party would find any one move by Trump as unpopular. However, if you polled different issues without Trump’s name attached (as was done often during the campaign) they individually poll very well. What types of things? Moving the embassy to Jerusalem, the tax cut, meeting with Kim, perhaps even Gorsuch would have brought in a majority.

Going right along with this is the belief that the percentage of all Americans that supported Trump or his campaign positions is directly mirrored by those that voted. According to CNN Politics only 55% of the nation voted (if you believe that everyone that did vote was alive and eligible!). That means that 45% of the people did not cast ballots.

If Pres. Trump truly was ineffective– if he wasn’t able to rollback Obamacare, pass his tax cut, get his nominees on courts, etc– the left would not be attacking him like they are, because he would be just like every other Republican President– says a whole bunch of stuff but does what the Democrats want when they are in power. Pres. Trump has been the opposite, actually doing or working toward everything he’s promised.

No Positive Results

Again, you have to say this if you are pushing to get him removed. However, the facts are spelling a different story.

  • We have made a new record of days in a Bull market in the stock market
  • We have a growing GDP rate
  • Unemployment in all sectors is down
  • North Korea has done a lot of things and we haven’t done anything but sit down with him
  • Wages are up

And that not all that he’s done. Which I guess is a really bad thing if you believe that your policies are the right ones to bring prosperity and then, by undoing those policies and enacting the other policies you get (at least what looks like) prosperity.

Trump’s popularity and the state of the nation shows that it will be difficult to remove him from office– just as it was difficult to remove Bill Clinton.

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