August 14, 2022

He Did What Was Right – Even the Good Kings Failed

Some did evil and were punished

When looking back over the kings, even the Good Kings failed. Two were punished with leprosy. David lost control of his kingdom while feeling Absolom. Hezekiah was told that because he showed all of the palace and temple riches to the Babylonians that they would all be gone.

Did you notice?

Some did right, but…

They did like their fathers– they got rid of different levels of sin, but God’s standard was perfection, and they fell short. Many did not remove the the high places. Some were confronted about different things– of which the good ones made it right.

When you think about your life, how do you think you are doing? We have a tendency to compare our lives to those that are doing more open sins, but what is our thought life like? Galatians 6:3 states that a man who thinks that he is something when he is nothing fools himself. It goes on and instructs us to examine our works. We should evaluate how we are doing with God’s Word– His standard, nothing else.

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