June 8, 2023

QAnon and The Omnibus Spending Package

In a recent post, I introduced the insider named “QAnon” taken from the Q anonymous writer on the 8chan boards. With Friday’s signing of the biggest spending bill of Trump’s presidency, one would believe that Q would show up, and he did.

On Friday, he published that he was updating his tripcode– a code assigned at login to help verify that the user is who they say they are, as all users on 8chan can post anonymously. Some have speculated that some rogue actors are close to discovering the old one, so Q has announced a new one. Another interesting side note here is that there have been a lot of fake Q postings on Twitter lately, something that enhances Q’s reputation, as many will call out these fakes fairly quickly.

So, what did Q have to say about the Omnibus? Some people think that Trump signing the Omnibus doesn’t matter, because everything’s coming down:

This is a common refrain among the conspiracy minded people, who see that the Rothschilds, Soros and the Federal Reserve have the world stuck on the dollar which is hampering our economy and that Trump is going to push us back to the gold standard, which means that everything will have to tank (see, Trump did it on Friday and everything came down over the weekend, don’t you know?) and then we can truly be great… or something. I don’t think that these people and their picking out words in Tweets hold any weight.

Q actually posted that day:

So, what does it mean? Here’s where Twitter can be of some help:


It turns out that the Army Corps of Engineers is based in Greencastle. Trump reviewed the wall prototypes with them, and it’s reasonable to assume that Trump is going to use them to build the wall– with the military funds from the Omnibus…

The funniest part of this would be that there was bipartisan support for the omnibus, and if Trump uses it to fund the wall… Well, let’s just say that the Democrats will not be happy. Some are thinking that this could end up at the Supreme Court, but they believe Trump will win because this isn’t a budget, it’s a spending bill.

Of course, all true conspiracy theories wouldn’t be complete without an alternate hypothesis:


And certainly there’s chess involved in some of Q’s posts, and Q says sometimes things can have double meanings… and here’s where this stuff begins to remind me of prophecies in the Old Testament. Which also reminds me of a test that we’re supposed to use– if a prophecy doesn’t come true, what are you supposed to do with the prophet?


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